Switzerland & Riomaggiore, Italy

Day 8 / Thursday 8.3

Switzerland! Bern has these cool public pools you can visit that are free. You can also float down the river that wraps around the city. It was all pretty cold so I just watched a bunch of people do it. We headed to Interlaken, Switzerland in the afternoon. The train took about an hour. I stayed at Balmer's Hostel which was more of a party hostel. I roomed with a girl from Brazil, one from South Africa and some South Koreans. It's times like these that I get reminded that ear plugs are god's gift to us. I explored the town in the evening and then got drunk at the hostel bar and watched all the youngsters socialize. Good thing everyone still mistakes me for being 18 🙄

Day 9 / Friday 8.4

Hung out around the city some more today and waited for our train to Milan, Italy. Interlaken was definitely my favorite place in Switzerland out of the three we visited. Train ride to Milan was about 4 hours- connections included. We got to Milan late and just stayed in a hotel for the night. Milan was also hot as shit.

Day 10 / Saturday 8.5

Woke up and got out of the hotel. Walked around in the brutal heat for a little bit. We went to Porta Sempione, which is this big fancy arch that looks nice in photos. Elysia and I ate at a place called Flower Burger. No meat. All hippie. And also freaking amazing.

Now off to (Riomaggiore) Cinque Terre. Total from Milan to CT is about 4 hours. We got on the train and no air conditioning. Cool. This wouldn't have been an issue if we weren't in a tightly packed train car with dozens of other people breathing their stale air onto us. But whatevs. I figured we would suck it up and make it. BUT THEN. Nah, then the goddamn train breaks down. In a dark tunnel underground. With no air. Some crazy lady tries busting through the window until her poor screaming child stops her. Everyone was freaking out trying to call the police. Then the power goes out and the train car is all black. Is this where I die? Meh. Elysia and I start playing Some Juvenille on our phones to lighten up the mood. Didn't really work. So after an hour and a half of that and walking around in a pretty gross tunnel trying to breath, we finally get towed out. Blah blah we eventually make it to Riomaggiore. There we have to pick up a key for our Airbnb from some random person. Another hour and a half later, we finally get in our place. Ah the fun parts of traveling! I then had a margarita because all your problems can usually be fixed with alcohol. Joking.

Day 11 / Sunday 8.6

That last one was long. I'll keep these short. Riomaggiore is sweet. We went to the beach today. Lots of rocks but the water was amazing. Cooked some pasta and bought a pizza without cheese.. which was still fantastic. This is the view from our place.

Day 12 / Monday 8.7

So Cinque Terre translates to 5 lands. One of those lands is Riomaggiore which is where we're staying. Today we ventured to a few others. Monteroso is one that we walked around for a little. It had lots of little shops and houses. Pretty chill. Then we went to Manarola and hung out on the beach (rocks) and went swimming. Crazy hot but it's all really pretty here.. and once again it's probably what you'd imagine it to be from the pictures. Ciao 🇮🇹


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