Paris, France & Switzerland

Day 5 / Monday 7.31
Headed to Paris today! We left early to meet Elysia's boyfriend and his dad who are traveling with us for 2 weeks. Their flight was delayed so we skipped going to the airport to meet them and stayed on the train to our place. Except no. We definitely went completely out of the way and almost ended up in Germany. Whoops. €20 and a 5 hour fuck up, but I can't complain. East France looks a lot like Kansas. Okay back to Paris we go. Lots of little cafes there and it looks like any picture of Paris you've probably already seen. We went to Hank Pizza/Hank Burgers which are these 2 cool little vegan spots. Later on that night, we walked to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. The lights on the Eiffel Tower shimmer every few hours which was really pretty with the city surrounding it.

Elysia, Joey, and his dad all stayed in Hotel Paris Ravoli which was nice. I stayed at MIJE Fourcy Faucconier Maubuisson which is a hostel. For those of you that don't know how those work, it's a big room with a bunch of beds and a shared bathroom with shared common area. It's chill and you meet a lot of different people. Everyone asks, but I've never actually seen the movie, "Hostel." Im assuming it's probably not like that and I'm not dead- yet (Sorry Mom).

Day 6 / Tuesday 8.1
We left for Lausanne, Switzerland today. August 1st is Swiss Day which is their official national holiday that marks when the Swiss confederacy was formed. There was a big festival with fireworks, concerts, and food. I don't think fireworks are really regulated here because we were real close to getting shot with some quite a few times. Also, Switzerland is hella expensive. So heads up on that if you plan on traveling here. We stayed at Hotel Aulac right on Geneva Lake.

Day 7 / Wednesday 8.2
Got up today and ate some grocery store food on a park bench, which is part of how we keep our budget in check. We trained to Bern, the capitol of Switzerland. There's a huge river that wraps around the city that we'll probably check out tomorrow. There's lots of cool shops here. Found the Einstein Haus, where Albert Einstein lived in from 1903-1905. We ate some more clearance grocery store food and just did a lot of walking around, nothing too crazy. We're staying at The Ambassador Hotel. The links for places are all added above. I'm not sure how this looks for anyone else since I'm working off of my phone. Later! 🇫🇷 🇨🇭


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