Brugge & Gent, Belgium

Saturday 7.30
We went to Brugge, Belgium on Saturday. The train ride wasn't bad. It was a little over an hour. Elysia and I bought unlimited 3 month EU Rail passes at the beginning of our trip. It gives us a discount on passes and sometimes free rides. By the end, I'll know if it was worth it or not. But anyway, Brugge was fun. It was a bit touristy but there was all kinds of stuff to do. The square in the middle of the city was packed, but it was also Saturday. We made our own hot chocolate at this place called The Olde Chocolate House. And if you happen to not be a fan of dairy, you can still partake in the activities with soy milk and dark chocolate which is cool. We went to De Halve Maan brewery and got the freshest tripel I'll probably ever have. Hella beer. Hella chocolate. Hella waffles.

Sunday 7.31
We took another train today to Gent. Apparently the area where we got off the train is a huge college town and all the students were on holiday, so it was dead. We found a little food place called Bar Italiano. They had some awesome gelato and the owner was super helpful. He recommended that staying in Gent (versus Brussels) might be a better idea in the future since it's more geographically central to the surrounding cities. It was about a 40 minute walk from the train to get to the main part of town. It was fairly similar to Brugge. Both places were solid. I'd have to spend more time there to pick between the two.

I also got a train station Belgian waffle and goddamn. They will change your life. Then I ended my night getting drunk off of a couple Duvels while walking around the carnival. Today was fat. Whatever. Peace out Belgium. Off to France. ✌🏼


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